The ICT Vision management services are focused on the continuity of your business. It is essential that your servers are always available and quickly approachable. Whether it is a mail, file or database server: ICT Vision offers the most modern management solutions at three levels:


Remote monitoring
The first level of server you take self-responsibility for the management and ICT Vision complements this with basic monitoring. With special software, the servers are monitored 24x7 on disturbances of the agreed service level. It is also considering viruses and unauthorized access. Also, the backup process is controlled to make sure that you do not lose data.

In addition to remote monitoring is on the second level also actively looked at disruption of the service and security incidents. ICT Vision regulates the account management and back-up process is also controlled content. Minor changes are performed and reported.

At the third level of ICT Vision server is responsible for resolving all distortions of the agreed service level. In addition, ICT Vision offers advice on system capacity and the management and implementation of changes.

Optional Services
In addition to standard forms of management ICT Vision offers optional customized services, such as technical application management, database management, warehousing and network management.