An IT project brings often the introduction of new technologies and new resources with them. Managing IT projects therefore requires additional capacity and knowledge. The deployment of project managers requires optimal management of communication and knowledge transfer to the client organization.

ICT Vision approaches project management from the following key words:

  • Clear
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Quality
  • Meeting expectations

Prince 2 method 

Project management in various areas within the ICT, using the Prince 2 methodology. Prince 2 stands for 'Project In Controlled Environments. The method takes explicit account of changes within the project area and is based on practical experience with different project management methods and practices. On this basis, we have developed a process-based method that can be used for various projects by anyone.

Migration Projects

An analysis resulting in a recommendation for the selection of one or more platforms to full implementation and the establishment of management. ICT Vision has particular specialist knowledge of Windows & Linux.

ITIL Implementations

The setup of the processes within the IT department can be supported using the ITIL methodology. ICT Vision ITIL service managers are trained in carrying out such projects. Our service managers will at all times the efficiency and effectiveness of the IT organization establish priority.