The Cloud


More and more companies are switching to the Cloud. The Cloud represents a network of computers and servers that are connected via the Internet. The Cloud allows the user to always have access to their data and applications without having to be owner of the hardware and software, in addition, the user is not responsible for maintenance.

Working in the Cloud can contribute to the productivity of the company. Staff have anytime, anywhere access to business applications, email, calendar and documents. Also sharing information or working together on documents is easier via the Cloud. Working in the Cloud also contributes to the flexibility and cost, where the focus be paid to security and privacy of the stored data. Cloud computing offers many possibilities, but for many organizations it is also unnecessary headache.

ICT Vision answers questions. All your Cloud Our consultants are experts in the field of security, integration and Microsoft Office365. If you want to migratie your ICT infrastructure ICT Vision provides a full range of services, comprising desktop in the Cloud, email in the Cloud, Cloud virtual private, virtual dedicated server, software on demand, co-location, hosted VOIP, online backup up, Microsoft Office 365 online, hosting and domain registration and migration services.


  • cost savings
  • Access your data and software
  • Easily share files
  • Scalable
  • Safe
  • Managed backup and management
  • Up-time guarantee