Software on demand


Software on Demand, also known as Software as a Service (SaaS) is software that is offered as an online service. The customer does not need to purchase the software, but sealed a contract per month per user, possibly in combination with other parameters. ICT Vision provides installation, maintenance and management, and the user accesses the software over the Internet.

As a customer you do not need to purchase the software itself and the required hardware, but only pay for their use.

The software and hardware is installed on the ICT Vision platform and you have access to the software via the Internet or a private network.
ICT Vision takes care of the application, such as making backups, maintenance and installation of new versions and updates, protection against unauthorized access, and the like.

Because you do not own the hardware you need to do no capital investment, and also allows you to not worry about managing a complex IT infrastructure. Lower administrative costs for you as possible because ICT Vision the cost of infrastructure and management of the infrastructure and applications across all subscribers long.