Online Back-up


With Backup Online you create over the internet an automatic backup. All your data and documents are stored securely at ICT Vision for easy management and recovery.

The backup software is installed once on your workstation or server. Installation is performed by an IT Vision engineer. After installing the software, select your files and folders (directories) of the important elements that will be in the backup included

The first time a full backup of the files you selected. These are encrypted and compressed, then they are sent over the Internet using a secure SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) connection to the servers of ICT Vision where they are stored securely.
From that moment on, every day (incremental) backup of all new and changed files. You decide when and how often your backup is performed. Our experience is that the daily execution of the backup for most customers is sufficient.

Back-up controle

Control the backup is performed on at least two levels. This is done by automatic reporting, and by the employees of ICT Vision. Additionally, you can always choose to receive. An e-mail report After each backup you will receive an email notification about the files that have been updated by us and received. Even if the scheduled backup is not hosted on our servers, you'll be notified.

Safe solution

Online backup is known as one of the most secure backup solutions. Data is always stored in a data center, transfer goes through a secure SSL connection (Secure Sockets Layer), and your data will be stored using an encryption key. Your files are at all times redundantly stored separately in duplicate, so there is always a copy of your backup is still available in case of emergencies.

Easy recovery

Retrieving files has never been easier. ICT Vision offers several recovery options. You can restore your data via a web browser or backup software. In addition, ICT Vision can deliver to backup disk at any time, back to you.