Office 365


Microsoft Office 365 known and proven software as an online service now taking off. The logical 'next step' in ICT. For businesses of all sizes. See what Office 365 can do for your organization.

Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, Lync, Office. Essential software for your business. Each offer robust solutions for communication and creating and managing documents. Now available online, for a very low price per month. No license fees, no hardware investments and no more responsible for the management and security.

Use Office 365 as a service. Microsoft has therefore become responsible for: installation, maintenance, management, security and migration to newer generations of the cloud platform. You can concentrate on your business knowing that your IT is well regulated.

Hybrid model
Hybrid means to Office 365 a powerful combination of locally installed software (Microsoft Office) and services that run in the cloud. Example: A local Outlook installation that is linked to the online running Exchange server. This offers the ability to work both locally and online. Handy if internet is temporarily unavailable.

Prices per month

Office 365 (Plan P1)
€ 5.93

Office 365 (Plan K2)
€ 7.87

Office 365 (Plan E1)
€ 7.87

Office 365 (Plan E2)
€ 13.79

Office 365 (Plan E3)
€ 22.99

Office 365 (Plan E4)
€ 25.29