Hosted VoIP


Hosted VoIP offers many advantages over a traditional PBX. A full PBX at a low investment, low cost of calls (40% to 70% savings on your current costs) and within easy reach of your organization.

Over an IP connection, you get access to our Hosted Telephony platform in one of our secure data centers. Your company gets access to a full and complete voice service with all the functionality of an advanced PBX. A physical telephone in your building's past. We 'host' a complete VoIP PBX on one of our servers. The management of the settings of the PABX is done online and you can easily customize yourself.

Cost saving
With Hosted VoIP can save 40% to 70% on the cost of business telephone lines and subscription fees.

Professional and accessible
The extensive functionality of Hosted VoIP provide a professional image of your business and better accessibility of your employees. Hosted VoIP is a complete voice service that your clients will experience as very professional.

The intelligent IP network ICT Vision we host multiple data centers with extensive fire, power and antitheft devices. The risk of failure of the underlying infrastructure is minimal. As a user of Hosted VoIP so you can expect a solid and reliable voice service.

The VoIP phones are not tied to a physical plant and therefore not dependent workplace. Moving staff is very simple. Additionally, Hosted VoIP grows with your organization. Expansion devices is guaranteed within five working days easily arranged.

Fixed low costs
You only pay a fixed monthly amount based on the desired functionality and the number of employees (telephones).