Dynamics CRM online


With Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online gives you anytime, anywhere access to a powerful CRM application through the Cloud.

Dynamics CRM Online focuses on four key areas of your business: sales, marketing, customer service and management of all kinds of data.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online provides the same powerful CRM software, but as cloud service from Microsoft. You have instant access anywhere, the payment will go to use and you have support based on a service level agreement (SLA). Use the powerful productivity of a CRM solution that stands for:

Familiar - software that makes your employees more by well-known, productive and insightful experiences.
Intelligent - real-time analytics and streamlined processes that form the basis for informed decisions and operational efficiency.
Connected - connections between people, processes and ecosystems, allowing companies to maximize the value of relationships and systems.

With CRM Online people in the office or on the road safer with the customer information they need.

PC, mobile, browser

Dynamics CRM Online is designed to work with the software, appliances, mobile phones and browsers you already have together. Your employees can always and with customer data.

Works with what you already know

With CRM Online staff do not have to learn new software and other tools. Dynamics CRM Online includes powerful CRM features within the familiar Microsoft Outlook environment.

Facts & Figures

storage 5GB
Access with enhanced security Windows Live ID
Clients Outlook, Web and offline
Functions Sales, Service, Marketing, Adaptation and Workflow System and Offline Synchronization
Customer Support Incorporated
Training Services Incorporated
Integration SDK Web Services SDK and offline data
Availability Service Level Agreement (SLA) 99.9% availability
Workflows / 200/300 custom entities
Price per month: € 40.25 plus VAT per user.