Specialists in the field of ICT Infrastructure 
storage solutions and network connectivity.
Specialists in the field of ICT Infrastructure
storage solutions and network connectivity.
Networkmanagement 24x7 
from our Network Operations Center.
Networkmanagement 24x7
from our Network Operations Center.
Microsoft Azure & 
Google Apps cloud solutions.
Microsoft Azure &
Google Apps cloud solutions.

Managed Services

ICT Vision Managed Services for SMEs offer many advantages. As a small to medium size organization, it is often difficult to ensure ICT continuity. The IT department is hardly accessible. Not out of hours and often during office hours. For example, the IT manager is a day off or is not available for other reasons. For example, managed services provide a solution to the challenges of ICT within SMEs.

  • Servicedesk
  • Servers
  • Storage
  • Virtualisatie
  • Networking
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Security
  • Printing
  • Wireless Solutions
  • IP Surveillance
  • Video conferencing
  • Mobile Device Integration
  • Client Management
  • FlexPod & ExpressPod


As an IT service provider, we understand that information can provide a powerful strategic advantage.
In order to ensure the proper mechanisms are in place for information to be collected, analyzed, produced and distributed seamlessly, many IT service providers implement a service desk.
Our service desk acts as the main point of contact for any and all IT related questions. Unlike a help desk that clients can call when they are having problems with their IT services, service desk personnel monitor and manage each layer of client service from beginning to end.

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The ICT Vision management services are focused on the continuity of your business. It is essential that your servers are always available and quickly approachable. Whether it is a mail, file or database server: ICT Vision offers the most modern management solutions at three levels:


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Central storage systems are not indispensable within the current IT landscape. Indeed, the demand for storage capacity is increasing hand over fist. This growth is not only caused by the simple increase of files and database data, but also techniques like virtualization seize the available storage capacity. How do you choose the right system for your organization?

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If there's one buzzword in the IT industry, it is called "virtualisation". With virtualization, we make use of the available server capacity as efficiently as possible, ie, a physical server is divided into a number of virtual machines (VMs) which are isolated from each other. In this Virtual Machine running an application or function. Large and small organizations apply virtualization to increase utilization of the servers by more servers and / or applications to be placed on a single physical server. Virtualize results in that the entire infrastructure is scrutinized. By applying virtualization, there will be standardization and centralization of hardware making the purchase, management and maintenance costs decline sharply, and-to-end guide.

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When we talk about the network, it soon turns to the services that run on it. The network infrastructure itself often remains invisible and is perceived by users as a commodity. And rightly so.

But like gas, water and electricity is also in IT designing, building and maintaining infrastructure work for specialists. Each area has different needs, which translates into different preferences for how a network should be built. A hospital places very different demands on the network than a church, bank, agency or shop.

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24/7 Monitoring

Remote Monitoring your network is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week monitored, and potential problems are proactively detected on your network.
Remote Monitoring is fine to use in IT environments that are maintained by an IT department or IT services.

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The importance of network security is still rising. On the one hand, networks becoming more complex and are increasingly integrated with the Internet, and on the other hand, it is to make an attack becoming easier for attackers. They do not longer have to write malicious code, but can easily download attack tools from the Internet.


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Printer, copier, scanner, multifunction ... any business - large or small - does have one or more of these devices in the home. Usually bought. But it can be different.
ICT Vision offers an attractive alternative: an overall concept for both hardware and software. Our flexible contracts need you to make any major investments. For a fixed monthly fee, you can confidently use your equipment. Order Toners? Happens automatically, just like ordering paper. make an appointment for a service? Also no longer necessary.

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Wireless Solutions

Wireless network connections come in various flavors. Often a distinction is made between indoor (indoor) and outdoor (outside) connections.

IT Vision can help you determine whether wireless for you is the right solution. We are happy to help with thoughtful design and careful choice of suppliers or a sound security advice.

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IP Surveillance

Met ICT Vision IP Surveillance kunt u uw kantoren, gebouwen en terreinen bewaken zonder aanschaf van dure beveiliging apparatuur zoals een apart analoog netwerk (CCTV), recorders en videoschermen . Onze IP Surveillance oplossingen worden namelijk boven op uw bestaande (draadloze)netwerk gebouwd; een schaalbare en zeer (kosten)efficiënte oplossing. Met IP-surveillance worden digitale videobeelden gemaakt en overgedragen via een kabel of draadloos netwerk. Hierdoor zijn controle en video-opname op afstand mogelijk, net als integratie met andere systemen.

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Video conferencing

Spendeert u ook zoveel tijd in de file of op luchthavens? Erg vervelend en zonde van uw tijd, maar voor sommige besprekingen is het nu eenmaal prettig als je elkaar in de ogen kunt kijken of een demo of prototype kunt laten zien. Dat kan nu ook vanuit uw kantoor!

Videoconferencing bestaat al sinds begin jaren '90. Eerst waren het grote systemen in speciaal daarvoor ingerichte ruimtes, daarna kwamen er 'mobiele televisies' die in iedere vergaderkamer konden worden neergezet, en tegenwoordig zijn het simpele toepassingen op een pc met webcam. Ze vormen een nuttige aanvulling op face-to-face contact, maar niet altijd een vervanging.

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Mobile Device Integration

In the era of the new work is the credo "anytime - anyplace" more relevant than ever. Mobile devices fit perfectly here. They ensure that employees have access today to the network, business applications and sensitive data. When and where they need it. Last but not least, employees also want their own smartphone or tablet of different types (Android, iOS, Windows) to bring home to use for professional purposes.

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Client Management

Onze visie op Dell KACE is een appliance-gebaseerde benadering van systeembeheer, om tijd te besparen voor systeembeheer professionals.

De Dell KACE familie van Systems Management apparaten zijn eenvoudig te gebruiken, uitgebreid en betaalbaar en kan de systeembeheer behoeften van organisaties van elke omvang voldoen.

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FlexPod & ExpressPod

De introductie van Flex/Expresspod door NetApp en VMware heeft grote gevolgen gehad voor de kopers van IT infrastructuur; Zij kunnen door een Flexpod aan te schaffen, beschikken over secuur gedimensioneerde- en volledig gevalideerde infrastructuur stack; Software, servers, netwerken en storage; alles perfect samenwerkend, snel geïnstalleerd en middels één aanspreekpunt door de Flexpod partners gezamenlijk gesupport. Met de Flexpod opzet worden klanten minder afhankelijk van de kennis en kunde van hun klassieke IT partner. Deze hoeft immers geen (one-off) design meer te ontwikkelen maar kan bouwen op gedefinieerde Pod-blueprints.

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Cloud Services

More and more companies are switching to the Cloud. The Cloud represents a network of computers and servers that are connected via the Internet. The Cloud allows the user to always have access to their data and applications without having to be owner of the hardware and software, in addition, the user is not responsible for maintenance.

  • Office 365
  • Dynamics CRM online
  • Google Apps
  • Online Back-up
  • Desktop in the Cloud
  • Private Virtual Cloud
  • Co-location
  • Hosted VoIP
  • Hosting and domain registration
  • Software on demand

Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 known and proven software as an online service now taking off. The logical 'next step' in ICT. For businesses of all sizes. See what Office 365 can do for your organization.

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Dynamics CRM online

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online gives you anytime, anywhere access to a powerful CRM application through the Cloud.

Dynamics CRM Online focuses on four key areas of your business: sales, marketing, customer service and management of all kinds of data.

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Google Apps

Google Apps for Business is a comprehensive suite of tools that lets users connect anytime, anywhere via the Internet (together). This is a revolution, because you work is always via the web browser. All you need is an internet connection and a computer, mobile phone or tablet.

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Online Back-up

With Backup Online you create over the internet an automatic backup. All your data and documents are stored securely at ICT Vision for easy management and recovery.

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Desktop in the Cloud

With Desktop in the Cloud allows you to everything you do on a normal desktop computer and more! Desktop in the Cloud guarantees accessibility, security and redundancy for all your important files and applications. With Desktop in the Cloud, you have secure access to your digital business environment from any device with Internet access in the world!

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Private Virtual Cloud

Virtual Private Cloud infrastructure provides connection flexibility, security and safety seamlessly. Private Cloud offers all the advantages of the Cloud, but then behind the security of your firewall. Private Clouds provide a higher level of safety and regulatory compliance than most public cloud deployments.

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With Co-location, place your own equipment in the data center of ICT Vision. A co-location data center where the equipment, space and bandwidth is available for rental to customers. Co-location facilities offer space, power, data lines, cooling and physical security for server, storage and network equipment companies with a minimum of cost and complexity.

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Hosted VoIP

Hosted VoIP offers many advantages over a traditional PBX. A full PBX at a low investment, low cost of calls (40% to 70% savings on your current costs) and within easy reach of your organization.

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Hosting and domain registration

ICT Vision offers various types of hosting. 

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Software on demand

Software on Demand, also known as Software as a Service (SaaS) is software that is offered as an online service. The customer does not need to purchase the software, but sealed a contract per month per user, possibly in combination with other parameters. ICT Vision provides installation, maintenance and management, and the user accesses the software over the Internet.

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Consultancy Services

ICT is a very complex field of play.
It is a combination of components such as networks, systems and applications in which the whole must ensure that the user can operate. Efficient, productive and high quality

ICT Vision helps companies translate its business strategy into specific ICT solutions.
ICT Vision provides professional and independent advice and on the basis of expertise that is often lacking in your own organizations.
Our support consists here of providing project management, consulting, consulting or a combination of these services.

  • Projectmanagement
  • Consultancy
  • Staffing
  • IT Scan
  • License Metering


An IT project brings often the introduction of new technologies and new resources with them. Managing IT projects therefore requires additional capacity and knowledge. The deployment of project managers requires optimal management of communication and knowledge transfer to the client organization.

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The developments in the ICT field go fast. So fast that it is no longer possible for an IT specialist to keep up. As a specialist in the field of IP and related technologies such as unified communications, storage and security, we can advise you on the developments that are relevant to your business.


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Do you have a vacancy in ICT? Many companies have been forced to take. External Information Science at ICT Vision helps you to fulfill. Your internal vacancies Our knowledge and experience in IT, we know exactly what competences an ICT professional must possess.

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IT Scan

When performing a baseline we make a "picture" of your current IT environment. We look hereby extended to the organization, equipment, software, applications, links, licensing and support contracts. All this information is looked at in detail then we provide you with a comprehensive report with a free consultation.

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License Metering

ICT Vision has specialists who are trained and certified in Microsoft licenses. With proper licensing policy you may obtain the greatest benefits within your ICT. Both direct purchase and during administration. Together with you we will see which license best suits your business needs. Anwsers to an important question: where does your organization now and where you want to go?

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We are proud of our customers and the trust they place in us. From senior housing to transportation company, from consultant to hospital. We work every day with lots of fun for the continuity of these organizations.

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ICT Vision is a certified partner of several major software and hardware vendors. With these certifications our clients can make optimal use of the latest technological capabilities and knowledge.

ICT Vision is Microsoft Cloud Accelerate Partner. ICT Vision has obtained this status with the expertise to implement the Microsoft cloud service Office 365 and Windows Intune.

Besides Cloud Accelerate Partner ICT Vision is also a Microsoft Small Business Specialist.

Since 2008, ICT Vision is a select partner of Ziggo Business.


Inside and outside your company locations work, accessible and always maintain access to your important documentation. The network services from UPC Business can provide physical disaster recovery, IP VPN and Mobile Back-Up.

Aruba Networks is one of the most prominent manufacturers of wireless solutions and gives a very distinctive meaning to the combination of security and mobility. Aruba Networks products are the only ones that have been specifically designed to help with the challenges they encounter in the field of mobile users, security, and wireless technology.

ICT Vison emphasizes its commitment to network security as an active Clavister Gold Partner. We develop powerful security on Clavister basis. We also offer a wide range of consulting services and assist you in expanding and consolidating your security infrastructure. We validate and certify your current systems.

ICT Vision has a strategic partnership with NetApp. NetApp is known for its Unified Storage Architecture, which provides ICT Vision with an important instrument in his hands to its clients and prospects to participate in cost reduction, efficiency and innovation.

Within the VMware Service Provider Program we're authorized to provide licenses for hosted environments and servers.
With direct access to VMware we can assist you in the analysis, planning, implementation and maintenance of your virtual network solution. VMware software may only be offered by registered partners.

Cisco is the worldwide leader in networking technology. Because of the reliable and high quality solutions that they offer, we have chosen to work closely with Cisco. ICT Vision is Cisco Select Partner. As a result, we have excellent service with switches, routers, wireless solutions, firewalls, security and telephony from Cisco.

Do you see the HP Preferred Partner logo? Then you know that you are dealing with a partner who meets the stringent requirements of the HP program. HP Preferred Partners have the knowledge and experience that guarantees that you can always rely on the best advice and products as a customer. Our continuous focus on education and training is in it of course essential. ICT Vision provides an effective solution with quality products from HP.

The partnership between Juniper follows the strategic choice of ICT Vision to strengthen and focusing on data and telecommunications solution.  

ICT Vision is Google Apps Authorized Reseller because we believe in working from the cloud. As Authorised Reseller, we play a role between Google Apps and you as a customer. The technical training and additional support we receive as a partner of Google, pays further in better support for our customers. So you get the maximum out of the shared knowledge within the Google Apps partner network.

ICT Vision is a Barracuda Network partner since 2012, we have a dedicated team of people who are specialists Barracuda equipment. Our cooperation are able not only kept us informed of Barracuda Networks developments, but also enables us to offer some very competitive prices, which in turn results in added value for all our customers.

ICT Vision uses Dell servers and Dell EqualLogic SANs and also participates in the Dell Partner Direct program. This program was developed to assist in providing products and solutions that our customers need. Partners In addition, the partnership will also help us to build credibility within the industry and to stand out from the competition.


ICT Vision is always looking for good IT professionals. If you do not find a job but are you interested in a challenging job or career move, please send your CV and interest by using info@ictvision.eu

(Acquisition is not appreciated)

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